Sunday, May 24, 2009


Happy Birthday, to my husband who is now 29!

Last Day

I am a free woman. On Friday, May 22nd, I turned in my key to the preschool and said goodbye to my life as a teacher.  I have come a long way since graduation, four years ago, when I first began tackling the task of managing three and four year-olds.  I came not knowing a single thing about children, and here I am now considering thoughts of my own.  I have gone from "Miss Tidwell" to "Mrs. Yang"...both of which names I have successfully learned to tune out when necessary.  

Through these past four years, my emotions have run the gamut, from fearing children, to falling in love with them.  It has been educational, observing our human nature on a child's level.  Adult behavior is not unlike a child's, but often we are better at masking our pouts and malice in socially acceptable ways.  I have learned how God sees our imperfect efforts and loves us anyway.  I have rediscovered how to play and imagine, while totally entering into a child's world.  I've also been reminded of how the physical touch from one hand to another can be so healing.  

Working with kids can be humbling as they don't always remember you when you're gone. But the work has long-lasting rewards.  I will miss being a teacher, but I look forward to moving on as I begin my journey as a counselor. 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring love...

This Spring has been busy, but an eventful one...  First off, as soon as my quarter ended, we went back to Oklahoma to visit our friends Kevin and Aileen.  It was great to be back, eating the food we missed and just hanging out with old friends (we bumped into everyone, which was great).  It was good to walk back onto campus and see familiar territory.  OU campus is wonderful, and it was fun just taking a stroll on my ol' stomping grounds...

That is the library, my second home.  Had good times in there.  Way nicer than UCSB's library; SB's library doesn't even have a coffee shop inside... lame!

Then we went back to Alissa's old work place... Starbucks on campus corner (right next to campus).  I miss that place, getting free drinks everyday from the hot barista who looks white but had an asian last name...

After visiting Oklahoma, we went to D.C. and visited the White  House so that I could have a chat with President Obama.  He and I ended up playing a game of one-on-one basketball, and I helped pick out "Bo".  After the game, we hung out in the Oval office for some beverages, and I took this nice shot of his office...

Duh... of course it's fake.  Actually, Alissa's folks visited us for the weekend, and we went to the Reagan library here in Simi Valley.  It was amazing (my first time); they had a replica of the Oval office and a replica of Air Force One.  

That's a real section of the Berlin Wall.  Really cool!  After that Alissa went home for the weekend to hang out with her mom.

They're a happy couple; and it's unfortunate I can't say that about a lot of couples.  I'm lucky to have good models of a loving relationship.

And finally, it's wedding season again.  Pretty soon we'll be going to Jessie's wedding; this is Alissa at a bridal something or whatever (you know.. when girls get together and do stuff, of which is a total mystery to me).

And lastly, we got to celebrate my boy's wedding...  Stas and I are lucky; we ended up marrying girls WAAAAYYYY out of our leagues...  yay for us... they're a great couple!

Looking forward to the summer....  Happy Spring, ya'll...