Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sooners for life...

As we come to an end of the summer, we fondly remember the beginning of our summer as we made our long trek from the heartland of America to the 'left' coast (all puns intended).

When we encounter those with strange looks and reactions after telling them we lived in "Oklahoma", we realize that we too were the same in not knowing how much beauty and goodness exists away from the city and the coast.  Friendliness and hospitality abound, and we long for the days when we can become instant friends with the person standing next to us in a line at Wal-Mart (where we did our grocery shopping - that's right!... just listen to Carrie Underwood, she'll tell you all about it).  Though much was gained out there, the most important to us was the friendship in our weekly church group.

And now we're back in Arnold country, and in many ways we are happy to be here.  But the good times here do not drown out the good times of last year; if anything, it makes it all the more sweeter as we recall our happy moments with each other and with our friends.

Last of all, we will always have a negative attitude towards all things Longhorn and UT-Austin; though I may never be part of another division-I football team again, and though I have neither been Sooner born nor Sooner bred, I surely will be Sooner dead.  Sooners for life, I'm rooting for you Bradford - make me proud this year....   BOOMER!!!!!!!

with that, we look forward to the fall, with school, work, church and the rest that may come...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to our Blog

Our journey started August 12, 2007 as we said our vows and made our way to Oklahoma. After one life-changing year, we packed our bags and headed home to Southern California...

Though we are glad to be back in the land of loved ones, familiarity and Korean food, we will greatly miss our dear friends in Oklahoma. Kevin, Aileen, Tiff, and the bible study- you have left an impression on us forever. You are such a blessing from God. Thanks for being our family!

Now Eric and I start our new life here in Thousand Oaks. ("T.O." for the locals) After leaving OU with his M.A., Eric will begin his fellowship at UC Santa Barbara, pursuing his Ph.D. in Philosophy. I am starting graduate school this fall, studying Counseling Psychology at Cal Lutheran University while teaching preschool. We will both be full-time students so it will be a busy and exciting time for us! Please keep us in your prayers!