Thursday, December 15, 2011

God have mercy

Although the Church Militia shall not rest her arms until the Son descends, we must keep clear who our real enemies are.

Today, a voice against the Church and against theism at large has been silenced. I pray that no believer rejoice, but that we only hope that God have mercy. Christopher Hitchens was not the enemy, for he was made in the image of God. Broken and embittered, he could no longer yearn for the Good. Mr. Hitchens was not the enemy. He was a fellow soldier who was taken down by our true adversaries. May God have mercy.

Too often we think of various persons, religions, and nations as our enemies. May we remember that they are our brothers and sisters, members of the privileged class of God's creation. When they pass unto death, the judge shall meet them. One day, the judge shall meet me. I too, from pain and fear, have failed in my pursuit of the Good. I only hope that my judge shall have mercy on me as well.

I do believe in hell, and I do believe that it is not vacant. But I hope that no man enters, not even those who would be considered my foes in this life. For I too was an enemy of Christ, but our Captain mercifully permitted me back into the ranks.

Our mission is clear: to bring the love and mercy of Christ to all, especially those who would reject Him. The time has come for some of us to enter into enemy territory. May we not be timid, but proceed with courage. Whether we stand or fall, may God have mercy.